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October 2015

Mind Your Own Business

By Deri Pryor, Graduate Assistant, Bluegrass Writers Studio

How Seriously Do You Take The Business of Writing?

As writers we say it all the time, either shouting it aloud or whispering it in the back corners of our minds: “Boy oh boy, I wish I could make enough money from writing that I didn’t need a real job.”

I mean, really, who of us wouldn’t love to sit at home day after day, in our coziest clothes, doing nothing but indulging our imagination.

Here’s the thing, though: writing is a real job.

Success doesn’t happen by accident, and hard work doesn’t do itself. Anything that will support you financially is going to take effort and organization.

I’m not preaching from the pulpit here. When it comes to disorganization and laziness, I’m offender Numero Uno.

Embracing Change

By Deri Pryor, Graduate Assistant, Bluegrass Writers Studio

How progressive are you? How well do you handle change? How willing are you to try something new, no matter how crazy? What does this have to do with writing?


We live in a very fluid world. As time marches on, things are changing exponentially faster. The rapidity of technological advances is staggering. Our world is shrinking as we find ourselves able to send and receive information faster and faster, and in ways we wouldn’t have though possible just a decade ago. I mean, phone watches were the stuff of James Bond movies yesterday; today you can get them at the strip mall.

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