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April 2016

So, You’re Going to Lisbon…Getting Around

by Joey Burke and Deri Ross Pryor

Another Q&A between BGWS student Joey Burke and I about Lisbon.

Dear Deri,

So, You’re Going to Lisbon…


by Joey Burke and Deri Ross Pryor

If you are one of the lucky ducks going to Lisbon for the BGWS Summer Residency this year, first of all, I’m jealous. Second of all, if this is your first time going, there are many little things (that can add up to big things) that can catch you off guard. I’m by no means an expert in international travel in general, or Lisbon in particular, but I went last year and thought I would share all the little practical things I learned. Let my mistakes be your learning experiences.

BGWS student Joey Burke is going for the first time this year, and since I don’t fit in her suitcase as her personal guide we cooked up a little collaboration of Q&As to demystify the trip.

Dear Deri,

Fighting the Dragon of Chaos – Part Two

Dragon 2

by Deri Ross Pryor, BGWS Graduate Assistant

In part one, I talked about how our busy lives makes slowing down our brains to write a daunting task, like fighting a dragon while severely underprepared. Multi-tasking has become more than just a buzz word; it is legitimately how most of us navigate life. Many times we feel we are getting a lot done at once. Unfortunately, research is showing that multi-tasking is an oxymoron. It implies we are getting multiple tasks done at once, when in fact we are barely getting anything done at all, and what we do accomplish is often shoddy at best.

Fighting the Dragon of Chaos – Part One


by Deri Ross Pryor, BGWS Graduate Assistant

Writing is a perilous business. Not in any physical way, usually, unless you are absurdly clumsy and tend to fall out of stationary chairs. (slowly raises hand) But it can do a number on your psyche if you aren’t careful.

One thing I’ve noticed among my fellow budding writers is a tendency towards self-flagellation. We think our characters suck, our plots suck, we suck. We also moan to an almost obnoxious level about not being productive enough. Unfortunately, though, there may be some truth to that last one.

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