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Ruin a Book Title by Changing One Letter

Ruin a book title

Last week, we asked you to ruin a book title by changing one letter, and the results were hilarious. Thank you to everyone who played! We couldnt pick one favorite, so here are our top five: 

  1. Gone with the Wine
  2. The Hell Jar
  3. The Bun Also Rises
  4. Slaughterhouse Live
  5. A Tree Glows in Brooklyn

All the book titles you submitted are listed below. And as a bonus, here are some altered book titles of some of the BGWS faculty, staff, and alumni.

BANDFULL by Julie Hensley
DELICATE HEN by R. Dean Johnson
THE MISTERS by Nancy Jensen
THE EVENING TOUR by Carter Sickels
TELLING THE NAP by Christopher Rowe
THE UPWOULD by Lindsey S. Frantz
CODE FOR MULDER by Eliot Parker
WHEELBAN by Brian L. Tucker
GIRL IN THE WAVE by Tasha Cotter

Titles submitted via Facebook:

  • Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Scone
  • The Adventures of Tom Lawyer
  • Wife Blood
  • As I Lay Lying
  • The Bun Also Rises
  • If
  • Forest Dump
  • Winnie the Poop
  • Gone with the Mind
  • The Drapes of Wrath
  • Sons and Livers
  • Lady Chatterley's Mover
  • On the Toad
  • Gone with the RInd
  • The Sound and the Furry
  • The Prince of Tiles
  • Sisterhood of the Traveling Plants
  • Irony Man
  • Finnegans Hake
  • Wizard of O
  • War Any Peace
  • Lord of the Sings
  • Of Lice and Men
  • My Antonio
  • I Know Why the Caged Bird Sinks
  • Gone With the Wine
  • The Gropes of Wrath
  • Bridesheat Revisited
  • The Unbeerable Lightness of Being
  • Slaughterhouse Live
  • Hairy Potter
  • The Art of the Feal
  • Prude and Prejudice
  • How to Make Fiends and Influence People
  • The Sub Also Rises
  • War and Peach
  • Done with the Wind
  • Animal Fart
  • The Old MAn and the Spa
  • Grime and Punishment
  • Jesus' Con
  • Baked Lunch
  • Catcher in the Lye
  • Do Kill a Mockingbird
  • Price and Prejudice
  • The Handmaid's Tape

Titles submitted via Instagram (@BGWritersStudio):

  • A Tree Glows in Brooklyn
  • To Dill a Mockingbird
  • Grass Castle
  • Lord of the Rinds
  • American GEDs
  • Clay's Guilt
  • My Wife as an Experiment
  • Milk and Money
  • The Hell Jar
  • Madam Ovary

Published on October 18, 2017

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