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University Press of Kentucky: The Marketing Internship Experience

University Press of Kentucky

By Darian Bianco, Bluegrass Writers Studio

When I was interviewing for an internship position in the marketing department at the University Press of Kentucky, I was asked, “What do you hope to get out of this internship?” I believe my answer was something along the lines of experience, pure and simple. I wanted to take advantage of every opportunity I could get my hands on, and I wanted to be entirely submerged in my field. As long as I could be involved with books, with reading and writing and creativity, I would be happy. I hadn’t been expecting to get an email later that very same day, letting me know the position was mine if I wanted it—beyond that, I hadn’t expected just how fruitful this internship would become. 
Before I launch into much more, I’ll start with the people. Every single person I’ve interacted with on the University Press of Kentucky team is superb. From my supervisors in the marketing department, to the people working with acquisitions and editing, all the way up to the head of the Kentucky Press, everyone has been kind, welcoming, and encouraging. Specifically, my supervisors in the marketing department have been gems. They are sweet, funny, and they are not the types to rest on their laurels. Good enough is not good enough—they work hard to achieve the best product they can, and they inspired me to do the same. I achieved a mixture of comfort and a desire of wishing to succeed above all measure while working in the marketing department, and this drove me to go above and beyond, and take pride in my work.
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As far as the actual work went, it was diverse and rewarding. I truly got to stretch my creative wings, as I was tasked with designing various ads for upcoming publications, and even got to design a book cover! I was trusted to come up with designs that had my own twist, while still promoting the University Press of Kentucky brand. I hadn’t gotten to work with Photoshop or InDesign in a long time, and this opportunity gave me the chance to hone those skills in ways I hadn’t been able to for a long time—and now, I have ads under my belt that look great on a resumé. 
The internship wasn’t just design, however; it was writing too! I was tasked with handling Kentucky Press’s social media, promoting interviews with authors, upcoming publications, and events such as readings or virtual awards. Coming up with attention-grabbing captions is harder than it looks and has developed a writing skillset I’ve never focused on before. I was also given the opportunity to write a few blog posts for University Press of Kentucky, ranging from topics such as haunted touring locations, reviewing a cake recipe, and a holiday gift guide! Kentucky Press heard me when I told them that I would value a chance to write for them, and made it happen. My voice was acknowledged during this internship, and I wasn’t just a face in the crowd to give work to—I was a valued member of
the team.
If anyone asked me, “Would you recommend I try to get an internship with the University Press of Kentucky?”, my answer would be an immediate and enthusiastic “Yes!” No matter what department you end up working with—from acquisitions, to editing, to marketing—I can guarantee it will be a rewarding experience. Will you have to work hard? Absolutely! But the skills, memories, and opportunities you will gain from working with the University Press of Kentucky will be top notch and totally worth any stress you might’ve felt while on the job. Besides, who wouldn’t want to help books go out into the world?  

Published on December 11, 2020

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