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Inside Look

Shouts & Murmurs 4: "The Redemption"

Join us on December 1st at Babylon Garden for our fourth open mic event in our Shouts & Murmurs series: "The Redemption." Come read your poems, essays, and stories about redemption, and come to hear our special guest, Libby Falk Jones, read some stunning poetry!

Shouts & Murmurs 2: "The Mistake"

Come join us at Babylon Garden on Thursday October 6th for the second Shouts and Murmurs Open Mic event! This month's theme: the mistake! Come read your stories, poems, and essays about mistakes! Our special guest is Susan Kroeg (Susanna Craig) author of the historical romance novel "To Kiss a Thief." You don't want to miss it.

Shouts & Murmurs 1: "The Fall"

Join us on Thursday, September 1st at Babylon Garden here in Richmond for the kick-off to our Open Mic series SHOUTS & MURMURS. We want to hear your stories, your poems, and your essays about fall, falling, the fallen (you get the idea). We'll get started at 8 PM. Hope to see you there!

So You Went to Lisbon... A Reflection and a Thank You

[Written by Joey Burke.]

Dear Deri,

Having returned from Lisbon, I can now send a proper and sincere Obrigada for your tips and advice.  Your suggestions were accurate and sensitive to my concerns about traveling with children in foreign territory. In hindsight, you could have taken a simpler path and followed the Hemingway Challenge of a six-word essay.

Get your passport and just go!

Or maybe:

Just go now.
Thank me later.

Jelly Bucket: Submissions Now OPEN!

The Bluegrass Writers Studio annually produces Jelly Bucket, a literary journal. The staff is made up of Bluegrass Writers Studio students and changes with each new issue. I'll be introducing you to the staff for Issue 7 in an upcoming blog, so stay tuned!

If you're currently a student at EKU (or graduated less than four years ago), I'm afraid you aren't eligible to submit your work to Jelly Bucket, but alumni that have been out in the real world for at least four years, and anyone who's not a student at EKU is more than welcome to submit! (View more details on that HERE.)

We've Moved!

Case Annex has been the home of the Bluegrass Writers Studio from the very beginning. Through six issues of Jelly Bucket, changes in staff, and every class of BGWS students to date, Case has been the home of so many memories--good ones, bad ones, and weird ones. And while we were sad to leave, we're excited to see what new adventures Mattox Hall holds for us!

Two Readings in One Week

Bob, the director of the Bluegrass Writers Studio, and Julie, one of our amazing professors, are in North Carolina this week doing not one, but two readings at local bookshops. If you're near Davidson or Sunset Beach in North Carolina, go hear them read and get a book or two signed!

The first reading is tonight, June 10th at 5 PM at Main Street Books in Davidson, North Carolina. 

The second is next week, June 16th at 2 PM at Pelican Bookstore in Sunset Beach, North Carlina.

I'm sure Bob and Julie would love to see you!

So, You’re Going to Lisbon…What are you wearing?

by Joey Burke and Deri Ross Pryor

Dear Deri,

Can I pack light? I mean, super light? Can I take everything I need in a backpack so I am not checking baggage that will just get lost? Will a pair of black pants be casual enough for every day but adaptable to night life? And will anyone care if I have the same 3 outfits in various combinations for 2 weeks?  Is it possible to wear smart shoes and not look like an American tourist? Would a skirt be better?  A friend told me to tie a scarf on my bag because some places require head coverings. Did you find this to be true?  What else needs to be covered … in a literal and figurative sense?

Dear Joey,

So, You're Going to Lisbon…Communication and Coffee

Dear Deri,

Before my children learned to speak their mother tongue, they used sign language to communicate with others. Their vocabulary was limited to: please, thank you, more, and I’m sorry.  If those four words become the limits of our vocabulary, will that be enough?  Well, those 4 words and the word for coffee. Coffee is a given, right? Oh, and wine, and beer. Shoot, I think I just answered my own question.  I will need to get a Portuguese dictionary of libations and other useful phrases.

Dear Joey,

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