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Jelly Bucket 7 Staff


Wendy Gowins

Wendy has published several short stories and novellas online, and accidentally spent a year and a half as a book doctor. Family members, upon reading her work in an anthology called Fight Like a Girl, noted that of all the stories, Wendy’s was “probably the best one,” while also encouraging the other authors to “keep writing.”

Wendy lives in Richmond, Kentucky, and is excited to be at EKU and a part of the Bluegrass Writers Studio. She is very, very thrilled to serve as the Graduate Assistant to the program and especially pleased to serve as Editor-in-Chief for Jelly Bucket, issue number seven, which will probably be the best one.

Deri Pryor
Fiction Editor

Deri is a writer of fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry. She has been creating stories in her head since she first learned the power of words, long before she knew how to read or write. She is working on her Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing at Eastern Kentucky University. She has won several college-level writing contests and has been published in Eastern’s Aurora JournalPluck! Journal of Affrilachian Arts and CultureKudzu Literary Journal, Still: The Journal, and Thin Air Magazine. Some of her other hobbies and interests include motorcycles, gardening (badly), naps, and not saying no to animals in need. To pay the bills, she works as freelance writer and editor. Originally from New York City and raised in Florida, Deri now calls Kentucky home, living in Richmond with her four rescue dogs and one inadvertent cat.

Jen Parks
Poetry & Creative Nonfiction Editor

"My mom used to say I liked to burn the candle at both ends. Between three young kids, two part-time jobs, and a dog with a chewing problem, some days it feels as though I’ve thrown the whole candle in the fire. This is my fourth year as a student in the Bluegrass Writers Studio, and my second on staff with Jelly Bucket. Serving as the editor for poetry and nonfiction has been one of the most gratifying jobs I’ve had, and I love the opportunity to work on the publishing side of the writing world. Most days, I get by on coffee, copious amounts of dark chocolate, and the occasional leaf-covered trail run in the woods."

Lindsey S. Frantz
Managing Editor

"When I was eleven or twelve, my uncle let me borrow the book Dragonseye by Anne McCaffrey. I read it, because I'd forgotten whatever book I'd been reading at home and I couldn't visit my relatives without a book in hand. After reading it, I went on to read every book in that series, and a few others of hers. I fell in love with fantastical worlds and ideas. A few years after later I started writing the same kinds of stories and I haven't stopped since."

Lindsey is a writer of fiction and poetry. She graduated with an MFA in creative writing from Bluegrass Writers Studio in 2012. She lives in the sleepy, art-rich town of Berea, Kentucky with her husband, toddler son, their dog, and a slew of cats. Lindsey works as the MFA Specialist for Bluegrass Writers Studio as well as managing editor for Jelly Bucket. Part-time, she edits web pages for Signature HealthCARE and teaches yoga at Bluegrass Bliss Yoga and Bodywork. Recently she's developed a love for drawing mandalas and baking. She's been a Trekkie her entire life and credits the late Anne McCaffrey with her love of all fanastical writing. Her work has previously appeared in Paradigm, Aurora Literary Arts Journal, Main Street Rag's Villains Anthology, Kentucky Her Story 2012, Ruminate Magazine, and Emerge Literary Journal. In her spare time, Lindsey knits, crochets, and sings silly songs to her son.


Wes Blake
Fiction Reader

Wes Blake grew up in eastern, western, and central Kentucky. He studied English at UK, and earned his MFA from the Bluegrass Writers Studio. He writes fiction/creative nonfiction, and his work will appear in the forthcoming Louisiana Literature Journal. He recently completed his first novel, Going Home, and is currently writing a memoir and an essay collection. He has worked previously in the newspaper and advertising industries. He teaches English, and lives with his wife, Natalie, on their small farm in Nonesuch, Kentucky. Playing Paul Westerberg, Grant Lee Phillips, Townes Van Zandt, Jerry Garcia, and Tom Petty songs on guitar, ukulele, and piano is one of his favorite ways to waste time. He loves traveling and watching movies at home with Natalie and their cats-Lilly and Naima.

Joey Burke
Creative Nonfiction Reader

Joey Elizabeth Burke, RN MSN lives with her family on a farm by the Kentucky River. She is an MFA student and gatherer of stories. At work this week she taught a third year medical student how to use the fax machine and an Amish family how to use the microwave. At home, she baked a cake, stacked firewood, and marveled at the brilliance of her children. She is happy to report the Lucky Market in Lexington has Portuguese Sardines and they smear nicely on their crusty bread for an almost authentic Lisbon experience in Central Kentucky.

Tricia Coscia
Poetry Reader

Tricia Crawford Coscia is a poet disguised as an average commuter and suburban wife and mother, or the other way around, depending on the day. She writes many of her poems during her hour-long train ride to her job as Community Engagement Coordinator for Philadelphia Yearly Meeting. She is committed to equity; love; social, environmental and economic justice; anti-racism accompaniment; and transformation through the creative process and accountability. Tricia is currently working on a collection of poems through which she intends to speak truth to the humanity in the powerful and life up the power in humanity, and is exploring community organizing through poetry. She grateful for and inspired by her fellow Bluegrass poets, her coworkers’ courage and integrity, and counts the late Ken Allen of the San Diego Zoo among her role models.  Tricia lives in Morrisville, PA with her husband Joe, their children and menagerie, and adores them all. 

Lance Hood
Fiction Reader

Lance Hood works as a freelance writer and editor primarily within the world of competitive gaming, and has been a part of the Jelly Bucket team for two years. He recently defended his graduate thesis.

When he isn’t slapping his keyboard or staring at a flickering cursor, Lance enjoys tinkering with technology, taste testing local brews, and turning rejection slips into art.

Jane Mortkowitz
Creative Nonfiction Reader

Jane Mortkowitz is a native of Lexington, KY. She graduated from the University of Kentucky in 2014 with Bachelor of Arts degrees in English and Classical Studies. In her spare time, when she isn't reading or writing, she enjoys knitting, competitive dancing, and stalking Darth Vader. She lives with her two Shih Tzus, Scooter and Dice, and currently works for the Noel Studio at Eastern Kentucky University while pursuing her MFA in Creative Writing through the Bluegrass Writers Studio.

Eric Smith
Fiction, Poetry, & Creative Nonfiction Reader

Eric Smith teaches high school English in Washington County Maryland. A two-time graduate from St. Mary’s College of Maryland, he not only holds a bachelor’s in English and a masters in teaching, but also a love of woodworking, sailing, and hiking. His self-published alter-ego, Eric James-Olson, can be found on twitter at @ericjamesolson1, and at

Kelsey Weber
Fiction & Poetry Reader

Kelsey Weber is a 20-something EKU graduate of the English and Theatre Department and is soon to be a graduate of the Bluegrass Writer's Studio. She has spent most of her life living in Kentucky, save for a year in Germany and a few summers abroad, and while she loves to travel, Kentucky has always been home. She is an avid Harry Potter fan, and credits the series as being the springboard of her love of fantasy fiction, reading in general, and writing. Kelsey adores the Theatre and all that encompasses, she has been involved in that discipline in some form or another for the last 20 years. She hopes that some day that she will be able to afford to pursue both of her passions, writing and theatre, full time and she hopes that her stint as a fiction and creative nonfiction Reader will help to further that dream. As it stands, Kelsey is the Managing Director of The Gusto Theatre Company, the Editor-in-Chief of the Black Box Theatre Publishing Company, and has one published book under a pseudonym, but currently moonlights at as Human Resources Assistant. 

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